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We connect millions of buyers and sellers around the world, empowering people & creating economic opportunity for all.

Junjelly.com is an online store which sells all types of cosmetic, wellness and beauty products of various Indian and Chinese brand. Care to beauty was launched in 2018 and our team was built of only 6 people in those days. Gradually we began to expand our product range in include more skin care, hair care, makeup and health supplementary products and more. We are based in Nepal and all our shipments are made from here. Junjelly offers over 2000 products from the very best International brands.

We are continually introducing new brand and products to our offer. Our choices are influenced by the latest trends and development of new ingredients and of course by customer demand. We are a premium online store that aims to bring together the finest products.


Your skin will never be the same again, put your skin in our hands and watch it transform – we never break our promises.
✅ We Focus On Collagen Preservation
✅ We Focus On Maximum Result
✅ We Focus On Hydration
✅ We Focus On Sun Protection
✅ We Focus On Reversing Skin Damage
✅ We Focus On Acne + Sensitive Skin Solutions

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